About Us

As Canterbury’s bulk "NON POTABLE" water suppliers AquaFresh are a fast, safe and cost-effective solution for all your water supply needs.


With a small, responsive team we’ve been steadily growing our reach and our capabilities while serving the Canterbury region in recent years.

This team’s skilled transportation expertise and commitment to fast, efficient service is highly valued by our customers. The sound reputation of AquaFresh is growing daily. And we aim to do everything we can to ensure it stays this way.

The company has certainly faced in challenges in recent times. After the earthquakes in Christchurch our work was in great demand. Tasked by the Christchurch City Council to deliver supplies to hard-hit areas, we worked long hours under trying conditions to ensure all residents had access to such a basic, but vital, necessity.

Since then we’ve been hard at work across the residential and commercial markets in Christchurch, throughout Canterbury

This work is governed by a series of important regulations.

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